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10 nov

Are you a retailer?

Corvus Belli provides promotional material to all its stores through their distributors. If you are a new selling location, make sure to receive this package alongside your initial order. You can find documents to help you promote the game here.

The Promotional Pack includes the Quick Start Rules, containing the basic rules to run a demo, plus 6 miniatures. It’s the best tool to introduce the game to new customers, because apart from trying a new game system, it also allows players to appreciate the quality of the models. You will also find assorted patches and posters to give away or to decorate your store with.

Warcors are experienced players you can contact to arrange a free demo, provide tips, and introduce you to the local community of players. This is very important for stores beginning Infinity or those without advanced knowledge of the game.

The Warcors program is designed to support and enhance the Infinity community, as well as help organize official tournaments. Do not hesitate to contact your closest Warcor and start organizing demos and tournaments! Warcors Search

If you have any doubts or problems, you can contact us at:

The Infinity Army is the Official Army List Builder. It is completely free and includes the profiles of all available troops to date. A basic tool that eases the player experience, Infinity Army allows you to save your lists and is directly linked to the ITS. You can find it on our web or download the app (available for Android) to start creating your own Army Lists simply and easily.

The ITS is Infinity’s organized game system in which players from all around the world compete with each other for first place in their respective Ranking. You will find all you need to organize a tournament in any of the available Tournament Packs. You can host an official or unofficial tournament, but only the official tournaments count towards the national or international Ranking.

To add points to your players’ ranking you need to input the registration code, included in the pack, on our website. Depending on their performance, your players’ will receive a certain amount of points towards their respective Rankings.

ITS tournaments are the best way to keep the community active, because anyone who wants can organize a tournament: stores, Warcors, or players themselves. Do not hesitate! Order it from your current distributor!

More information: PDF Guide to organized play.


If you are a store and want to form part of our official Infinity Retailers list, please fill out this form. This allows customers to find you on our future store locator (available soon) so they can visit your store.

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If you have any doubts or problems, you can contact us at We will be pleased to assist you!




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