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04 sep

2nd Interplanetary 3rd classified player's commented Army list

By Robin Sealey (i0003)

Let me start by saying that I wasn't sure what to write here so I asked for advice from one of my normal opponents:

"I owe my victory in it's entirety to the two or three practice games I had against Thingus and SleepyAmoeba, especially Thingus who will offer his services as an opponent to anyone willing to pay a ridiculously large sum of money."

After that I quickly though of some useful things to say, and should start with my lists themselves.

My first list has the less-often seen Maghariba Guard, a very cheap TAG at 78 points, giving me plenty left to take Armand Le Muet and a Lasiq sniper who can provide very good ARO cover of the battlefield, whilst a good bunch of specialists get on with the mission. This list performed very well in my first game, but due to a combination of tables and opponents I only used it that once during the tournament.

This leads on to my second list, which was a little more exciting! Al-Djabel, a Boarding Shotgun Fiday and two Daylami offered a lot of 'in your face' aggressiveness, whilst the Sekban, Hunzakut, Lasiq and Govad offered a massive amount of sniper reaction fire. Securing the central area of the battlefield, the Hunzakut was supported by my favorite Haqqislam troop: the lowly Halqa, here a forward observer, securing a few objectives over the course of the tournament on her own!

Now, advice for other players; I hope you can see from my lists that they have a good mix of units, long range firepower, shotguns for up close, and something to deal with tough opponents: Fiday is in one list, a TAG & Multi Sniper Rifle in the other.  Importantly both lists have a good selection of specialists, for instance the Tuareg may be quite expensive at 35 points, but a hidden deployment specialists is worth it's weight in gold when things start to go wrong!

I threw these lists together and sent them in without trying them out, and did fine, it's important to give yourself a lot of options, things will turn out alright if you've got options open to you. Then you can play to the best advantage of any table, or exploit the weakness in any opponents army rather than only have one or two plans hinging on a single miniature or combo.


But most importantly of all, only use units you like, we're all here to have fun after all! 


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