Kotail Mobile Unit

Vaarso Battlespeak notation: Neebab numerologists deem number 40 a symbol of the ability to govern one’s destiny. In the Kotail, number 2040, the influence of the number forty partly offsets the negative associations of the second thousandth, mainly related to unpredictability and instability, leaving only empowering indications of transformation and movement. As a result, Kotail […]

Warcors, War Correspondents

The War Correspondents, or Warcors, are professional journalists willing to pass through cross-fires to get the most exclusive news or the most shocking images. The whole of Maya vibrates with their chronicles, sent from the battlefront, transmitted while they crouch in the midst of a bombing or while bullets whistle over their heads. Viewers love […]


Janissaries are a heavy line infantry regiment, trained to an excruciating extent to fight and resist to the last man. Equipped with tactical armored exoskeletons, their mission is to withstand the worst of any combat. The Janissary Regiment is made up of the Orphaned, the Donated and the Delivered. Its members are recruited from Funduq […]

Tokusetsu Eisei

In an army conceived as an attack and assault force with a noble warrior tradition like that of the Japanese, the commanders, who are usually Bushi, only value their first line combat units. Because of this, the evacuation, medical, technical maintenance, and repairing services, being “just” support troops, have been integrated into a single, under-resourced […]

JSA Support Pack

A new kind of compilation box specially designed by CB for new players. Thinking ahead to the ITS missions in which they are very useful, the Support Packs comprise Doctors, Engineers and their G: Servant Remotes. The JSA (Japanese Sectorial Army) version of this comes with two Tokusetsus, which have seen their AVA revised for […]


You can think of Dog-Warriors as the mongrel cross-breed of an Ariadnan savage (picture a Forty-Fiver or an Irmandinho), an Antipode and a TAG. The River Tribe raids were the first time Antipodes bit pregnant women without killing them. When those children were born, they turned out to be human-Antipode hybrids. It was later discovered […]

Pre-Order Infinity 3rd Edition

STREAMLINED RULES, NEW PROFILES, THE SAME GAME, BUT BETTER! Full color books. Estimated number of pages: Background: 180 pages; Rules: 275 pages Binding: Soft cover. Both books are content in a case. Pre-Order your copy HERE

Moto.tronica Scenery Pack

The scenery pack included in Operation: Icestorm Battle Pack now released separately. This set includes ready-to-play cardboard scenery (four buildings and six containers), and a Game Mat too. The easiest way to get scenery for your Infinity games! 10.25€ RRP

Antenocitis Workshop

New Antenocitis Workshop terrain and game accesories now available. Check out his website.