Agêma Marksmen

Agêma Marksmen have been designed to have an almost superhuman ability to aim. Since the moment of their conception in the Lhost breeding pods, every Agêma is modified to have sharp eyesight and an immovably steady hand. In Ancient Greece, the Agêma were an elite guard, and their current namesakes are no less. Their mission […]


The Morat Heavy Assault Infantry is the one charged with attacking fortified positions and is specialized in close combat, either in urban situations or in the interior of ships. Defining them as “tough” does not say enough about them. They are veterans with several years of experience in combat, participating in the Flash Wars and […]

Nikoul Ambush Unit

Vaarso Battlespeak notation: According to classical Neebab numerology, the number 40 700, called Nikoul, stands for the Digger, a symbolic figure connected to the underworld, the land of the dead. Often hidden, the Digger represents forbidden knowledge, capable of killing whoever should uncover it. Profile: When hope dwindled in the face of the IE onslaught, the […]

Ghazi Muttawi´ah

The Muttawi’ah are low profile support troops performing surveillance tasks in covert operations until the moment of action, when they suddenly become fearless volunteers capable of engaging and taking down the most advanced and well equipped enemies.


According to Ariadnesse folklore, Scouts are ghosts in human form, stealthy night predators, that waylay and kill in silence. They are elite long-distance recon units, trained in the Kazak Spetsnaz Shkola (Cossack Spetsnaz School). As elite observer/recon troops, they are specialists in survival, infiltration, reconnaissance, evasion and clandestine recovery of personnel and material. Their main […]

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