Infinity: Organized play. Organizing a mini-Tournament

Mini Tournaments have been developed for players who are unable to attend an Official Tournament in their area, but would like to enjoy Infinity at home, and still have access to some of the advantages of an Official Tournament.

Who can organize an official Infinity Mini-Tournament?
Any individuals who want to enjoy playing Infinity competitively.

What is needed to arrange an Infinity tournament and for it to be considered official?
The Tournament is considered official as long as the Mini-Tournament Pack is purchased.
Final certification of a game is given on sending the tournament control sheet to Corvus Belli.

How much does a Mini-Tournament Pack cost?
10,00 €

Where can you buy a Mini-Tournament Pack?
Only at

What does a Mini-Tournament Pack contain?
The Mini-Tournament Pack entitles you to earn points for the Ranking (See below). The score in the Ranking is used to get awards, Ranks and also the Medals in the forum. Nothing is sent by post. The Mini-Tournament Pack is completely electronic. It includes:

• A tournament control sheet, which has to be sent to Corvus Belli with the results. You will receive it by e-mail.
• A New Player’s Enrolment sheet. You will receive it by e-mail.
• 2000 points to be distributed between the first 2 classified players, which are valid for the Infinity Ranking, and to get awards, Ranks and Medals in the forum.