Infinity: Organized play. Organizing a Tournament.

Who can organize an official Infinity tournament?
Shops, distributors,associations and players that wish to popularize and enjoy Infinity.

What’s needed to arrange an Infinity Tournament and for it to be considered official?
The game is official on the condition that a tournament pack is purchased and the tournament control sheet with the results is sent to Corvus Belli- this will be the final certification of the game.

How much does a Tournament Pack cost?
35,00 €

Where can a tournament pack be bought?
From any Infinity distributors and shops or through the Corvus Belli on line shop.

What does the Tournament Pack include?
• An optical glass trophy engraved with the Infinity logo for the winner.
• Promotional Material – badges, cards, posters, miniatures, patches embroidered with insignias of the different factions of Infinity,– these are to be distributed among the players in a prize draw at each Tournament. Promotional material may vary according to availability.
• Tournament control sheets, to be sent to Corvus Belli with play results.
• New Player Enrolment sheet (x1).
• 12750 points to be handed out among the 10 best players, which can be exchanged for patches with the insignia of famous Infinity Units, Ranks and also medals in the forum (See below).