Infinity: Organized play. Rules, restrictions and the role played by the Organiser and the Players.

What Game Rules and Army Lists are used in the Tournament?
The official Game Rules and Army Lists are those published by Corvus Belli on the official Infinity web page (, in the Downloads section and in the rules section. All rules and army lists published up to one week before the tournament’s starting date are valid.

The ARO and the Army of the Devil Team programs can be used to create and check the army lists for the tournament. If any discrepancy in Attributes or values is found, the final rules/values to be used are those published on the Infinity official webpage

What restrictions are applied to official tournaments?
You must buy a Tournament Pack or an Official Mini-Tournament Pack.

All miniatures used by the players must be part of the Infinity range produced by Corvus Belli.

All miniatures must faithfully represent their unit, including its equipment, or main military hardware.

If the miniature doesn’t exist in the Infinity collection, it can be replaced by another miniature from the range, making sure your opponent is aware of the characteristics of the unit it represents.

The use of converted miniatures is permitted as long as most or all of the main miniature is made up from Corvus Belli miniature components.

The use of original miniatures, which faithfully represent Infinity’s troops, is permitted, as long as they are not sold by any other company.

The miniatures must be assembled with at least their main parts present (it is not strictly necessary for them to include the smallest pieces, such as antennae).

The miniatures must be mounted on the base they were supplied with, or a base of the same dimensions, because it can have an effect on some aspects of the game such as hand-to-hand combat. For the Haqqislam Maghariba Guard, supplied without a base, we recommend the use of a round 8 cm/4 inch in diameter base.

The use of mercenaries or mercenary armies is not permitted, as the Ranking has been set up to take into account the commanders of each different army, who must enforce the strong points of their troops and resolve problems arising from their weak areas. The use of Sectorial Armies is allowed, because those are official army lists.

What is the role of the Organizer?
• To write out and distribute the tournament rules they want their players to participate under, emphasizing the number of points needed to play battles as well as possible specific backgrounds they want to develop.

• To make sure that the army lists are legal and fulfil the rules concerning the number of points and any other special Tournament rules which the Organization might have included. For that purpose, we offer the ARO program and also the Army from the Devil Team, which will save players time and will make checking lists easier for the Organization. This program can be downloaded free of charge from

• To monitor the compliance with the restrictions applied to Official Tournaments.

• To act as or in support of the referee during the tournament. Acting as a fair manager of the tournament results, these are sent on to Corvus Belli so that the Ranking remains a faithful reflection of the results and achievements of the players.

• To register new players.

• To fill out the Tournament Control Sheets with the results and send it to Corvus Belli.

What is the role of the players?
• To comply with the rules laid down by the Organizers and to abide by the decisions of the Organization and the Referees, complying with all the rules of the game.

• To respect their teammates and visitors, and to not forget that Infinity is a game where the object is having fun!