Infinity: Organized play. Tournament control sheets.

How to fill in the control sheets?

•It is the Tournament Organizer’s task to fill in the control sheets.

•The Organizer has to make sure that the control sheet has the tournament code that makes the tournament official.

•The name and nationality of the Organizer must be included.

•Players´ information must be included: PIN number, Commander’s name, Forum nickname and the army with which they played).For example: PIN: 111111aa11, Vassily, Vassily, Ariadna. The Forum nickname is compulsory if the player wants his Rank and Medals be shown in his official forum user profile. IMPORTANT: Please, fill in the PIN number completely, and one of the Name areas (Name, Commander’s Name or Forum nickname).

•It is not compulsory to fill in the page with the positions that do not give points. That is only a helpful tool to estimate the number of players that enrol in Infinity tournaments.

•Allocate the points awarded per player as follows:

1st place– 3000 points

2nd place — 2250 points

3rd place — 1750 points

4th place — 1250 points

5th to 10th places — 750 points each.

•In the case of a mini-Tournament, the points are awarded as follows:

1st place — 1250 points

2nd place — 750 points

How to send the information to Corvus Belli?

By e-mail to or by post to: Corvus Belli S.L.L., Rúa Fomento, 40. 36940 Cangas, Pontevedra. Spain.

You are required to send a copy of the Tournament control sheet by email, or a copy on paper if it is sent by post. In either case, the Tournament Code that has been provided by Corvus Belli must be included.