Vote finished! New pins available in our online store!

We improve our range of pins! After the vote of the last week, here are the winners:

Ariadna:  Tankhunters / Paracommandos / Loup Garou

Panoceania:  Acontecimento Regulars / Order Sergeants / Jotums

Yu Jing:  Imperial Agent Crane Rank / Oniwaban / Raiden

Haqqislam:  Odalisques / Hassassin Lasiqs / Saladin

Nomads:  Hellcats / Wildcats / Riot Grrls

Combined Army:  Daturazi / Yaogat / Zerat

MERCS:  Druze Shock Team / Kaplan Tactical Services / Yuan Yuan

ALEPH:  Deva / Myrmidons / Posthumans


Also, we’ve added the following pins: MERCS Army, Scarface, Cordelia & S.S.S. Assault Sub-section of ALEPH.

You can find them in our online store!