Prisoner P-09

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Prisoner P-09, who in reality is an agent possessing valuable information, is jailed in an isolation cell in an enemy orbital base.

A special rescue team has been secretly sent to rescue him. The Attacker’s infiltration specialists have managed to slip into the orbital base and change the access codes for the security system throughout the whole penal section. Meanwhile, troops with Combat Jump, dropping from the exterior through the vent system, are coming to join them. The main force of the rescue team has entered the base through an airlock, and now is trapped inside the waste depot. It is imperative that the infiltrated troops open the access point to the waste depot before the garbage ejection system is activated, launching their comrades into the void of space. Once this has been achieved, they must rescue Prisoner P-09 and escort him from the enemy base.

The Defender must defend against the attack, restoring the security system and transferring Prisoner P-09 to a more secure location, far away from the attacking forces.