Pre-Order Infinity 3rd Edition

Full color books.
Estimated number of pages: Background: 180 pages; Rules: 275 pages
Binding: Soft cover. Both books are content in a case.

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Moto.tronica Scenery Pack

The scenery pack included in Operation: Icestorm Battle Pack now released separately. This set includes ready-to-play cardboard scenery (four buildings and six containers), and a Game Mat too. The easiest way to get scenery for your Infinity games!

10.25€ RRP

Bandua Designed for Infinity September News

We present the Bandua Wargames News for Infinity. We wanted to take advantage of the launch of the third edition, to release in a new range of tokens, templates and rules that we hope you like and find very useful for this new edition.

You can see more photos HERE

You can buy them at Bandua Wargames store

Official INFINITY Terrain & Accesories by Customeeple

CustomeepleMainImageWebCheck out excellent Official INFINITY Terrain & Accesories by Customeeple at:

Antenocitis Workshop

AWBanner2New Antenocitis Workshop terrain and game accesories now available.
Check out his website.

New Troop Profiles March 2014

The New Troop profile for SunTze is now available in the Downloads section of the website and the INFINITY Army 4.0.SunTze-New-Profileweb

Team Covenant Metal Order Tokens

The highest quality anodized aluminum, laser-etched with the official Infinity logos – if you’re going to command an army, you’ve got to do it with style.
Each token provides a stunning visual on the tabletop and has a blank back to show when orders are spent. The surface also works with dry erase markers for new tokens on the fly!










All Infinity Order Tokens are 1.25 in. (31.5mm) in diameter, and made of anodized aluminum. Each set contains 11 order tokens, all with the same faction symbol, and is shipped in a protective silver case. If you have any questions, email us at, otherwise, preorder below!
Estimated ship date: May

ITS 2014 begins TODAY!

The new season for Infinity’s Organized Play program, ITS, is here! With new scenarios, new tournament formats, leagues and a new rating system for our International Ranking.

Download all the ITS related information now and get ready to have fun!

French and German translations will be uploaded soon.

Official Infinity terrain from Warsenal

Official Infinity terrain from Warsenal.
Check it out in their official online store.

New Profiles Available!

Get them for free in our Downloads section or through the Infinity Army.

New Profile! Miranda Ashcroft, Authorized Bounty Hunter

Click here to download the game profile for Miranda Ashcroft, Authorized Bounty Hunter, Infinity Artbook One’s preorder exclusive miniature.

PlastCraft Games scenery designed for Infinity

PVC modular scenery designed for Infinity


MontadorNovedad_Julio2013Infinity Bootleg is the new collector’s brand of Infinity miniatures. Infinity Bootleg will provide a reduced range of models, all of the finest quality but totally separate from the main Infinity catalog.

Why this name? Because these are the models the concept designers always wanted to design, the miniatures all the Infinity modelers always wanted to sculpt, and the figures Infinity fandom always wanted to get, but none of them could have as those models have no room in a game-focused catalog.

Even though most of the Infinity Bootleg figures have a troop profile to play with, and they can be used in an Infinity game, this is not the main purpose of this new brand.

Infinity Bootleg has been conceived for painters and miniature lovers. Top notch, high quality figures with attitude. Believe it or not, but even more than regular Infinity models. This is the connoisseur brand of Infinity!

Infinity Bootleg. These are not toys!

Infinity at GenCon Indy 2013!

Come and visit our booth (#633), shared with our partners of Battle Foam.

New to Infinity? Try a demo game with us!

Learn the basics of Infinity in our demo tables and get a miniature and other gifts for free!

Already a veteran player? Meet the creators of Infinity and check the latest news!

Have a chat with Carlos Torres (creator of Infinity, lead conceptual designer and sculptor), Fernando Liste (creator of Infinity and sculptor), and Carlos Llauger AKA Bostria (conceptual and graphic designer).

Don’t forget to bring your rulebooks if you want them signed it and even with a sketch done by the staff members completely free!

Do you like to Cosplay? Come and show us your Infinity themed costume and receive a free Infinity Bootleg miniature!

GenCon exclusives!!

Buy the Anaconda Squadron boxed set (TAG and Operator) before the official release in late 2013!

Buy the Infinity Artbook One and get Miranda Ashcroft, the exclusive miniature of the pre-order offer for free!

Corvus Belli Infinity At GenCon

Infinity Artbook One pre-order begins July 1st

Pre-Order Now! 

Mag-Lev Train from Bandua Wargames

Mag-Lev Train from Bandua Wargames! Check that amazing scenery at Bandua store:

Bandua Wargames

Corvus Belli goes to Gen Con Indy 2013

Infinity goes to Gen Con Indy again this year! There will be a lot of Infinity events in this year’s Gen Con:

• Official ITS Tournaments
• Painting Competition
• Paint&Take
• Miniature Modelling Seminar by Carlos Torres
• Infinity Seminar by Carlos Torres, Carlos “Bostria” Llauger and Fernando Liste

There will also be a painting class by Dennis Smith called “Introduction to Highlighting and Shading”.

If you step by our booth you can play Infinity demos, get your Infinity books signed for free by Carlos Torres, Bostria and Fernando Liste, and be the first to purchase some of this year’s most exciting releases!

Last, but not least, if you love to cosplay as much as you love Infinity, it’s your lucky day! Come to our booth to show your Infinity themed costume and get one of the new releases for free!

New Profiles!

All the new profiles from Campaign: Paradiso are now available in our Downloads section for FREE!

ICS: Access Markers

In the Download area of the Infinity Official Website you will find two different types of Access Markers designed for the Infinity Campaign System and for playing scenarios and missions.

These freely available Access Markers are used to designate the position of doors and gates, showing their size as well. In this way, there is a Narrow Gate Marker (30 mm width), and also a Wide Gate Marker (50 mm width). Each of them designates the size of the base which can cross them.

The Narrow Gate Marker allows figures possessing small bases (25 mm) to cross it, even those which have decorative elements that protrude beyond the diameter of the base. However, models possessing bases with a higher diameter cannot pass through it.

The Wide Gate Marker allows figures possessing big bases (40 mm) to pass through it, even when their round plastic base has scenery elements that increase its size. However, those models possessing bigger bases cannot cross this access point.

The Access Markers are game support items, used to simulate and to standardize, and have been specially designed to make play easier. Players can use the Markers to assign the position of a gate when they have no relevant scenery items to play with. Players can also use those Markers to designate the game status of the scenery items they do possess. For example, if they have a scenery building with 25 mm wide gates, the players can place a Narrow Gate Marker to mark which types of figures can cross them. Of course, the players can also use a Wide Gate Marker if the scenario requires it and they don’t have an accurate scenery item.

The Access Markers are a game tool we hope will facilitate the development of your missions. But, don’t forget you also have the Infinity Official Scenery items available so you can fully enjoy all the thrills and excitement of an Infinity game.

Keep connected!

New Rules: CASEVAC and Hostile Environment

Get them for free in our Downloads section!

New Downloads!

The new profiles, rules and weapons are already available for download. As always, absolutely free!

Don’t wait any longer, access our Downloads section and take a look to the future of Infinity!

Prisoner P-09

With this scenario you can get ready for the release of our new book Campaign: Paradiso.
Run to our Downloads section and enjoy this new scenario for free!

Prisoner P-09, who in reality is an agent possessing valuable information, is jailed in an isolation cell in an enemy orbital base.

A special rescue team has been secretly sent to rescue him. The Attacker’s infiltration specialists have managed to slip into the orbital base and change the access codes for the security system throughout the whole penal section. Meanwhile, troops with Combat Jump, dropping from the exterior through the vent system, are coming to join them. The main force of the rescue team has entered the base through an airlock, and now is trapped inside the waste depot. It is imperative that the infiltrated troops open the access point to the waste depot before the garbage ejection system is activated, launching their comrades into the void of space. Once this has been achieved, they must rescue Prisoner P-09 and escort him from the enemy base.

The Defender must defend against the attack, restoring the security system and transferring Prisoner P-09 to a more secure location, far away from the attacking forces.


New Profiles!

The profiles for the new miniatures and weapons are now available from our Downloads section.

Download here.

Vote finished! New pins available in our online store!

We improve our range of pins! After the vote of the last week, here are the winners:

Ariadna:  Tankhunters / Paracommandos / Loup Garou

Panoceania:  Acontecimento Regulars / Order Sergeants / Jotums

Yu Jing:  Imperial Agent Crane Rank / Oniwaban / Raiden

Haqqislam:  Odalisques / Hassassin Lasiqs / Saladin

Nomads:  Hellcats / Wildcats / Riot Grrls

Combined Army:  Daturazi / Yaogat / Zerat

MERCS:  Druze Shock Team / Kaplan Tactical Services / Yuan Yuan

ALEPH:  Deva / Myrmidons / Posthumans


Also, we’ve added the following pins: MERCS Army, Scarface, Cordelia & S.S.S. Assault Sub-section of ALEPH.

You can find them in our online store!

New patches in our online store

Finally, we expanded our patches range, adding all the existing sectorials and, now, with the ALEPH army patch!

We have improved the patches quality and even, now they have double-sided Velcro, perfect for the Battle Foam bags!

Find them in our Online Store!

Future discontinued models

The following miniatures will be discontinued from September, 1st:

Yu Jing:
280318-0086: Zhanshi Yisheng
280320-0103: Zhanshi Gōngchéng
280329-0158: Yáozăo

280523-0147: Clockmakers
280553-0353: Daktaris 2
280533-0202: Zondbots
Note: The figure 280516-0095 Daktaris won’t be discontinued.

As we release new Support Packs in the future, the blisters that compose them will be discontinued 3 months after the release.

New Quick Start Rules available for download

The new Quick Start Rules are now available in the Downloads section of our site.

These rules are streamlined and simplified version of the Infinity game system that will allow you to understand the basics of this game easily.

Once you have tested them, you will know the basic game mechanics and it will then be very easy to you to access the complete rules. With the complete ruleset you will have a greater variety of tactical and gaming possibilities, and you can enjoy Infinity in its totality.

The best way to begin with Infinity!

Minor update in Morat and S.A.S. costs

As we had to make a re-print of the Infinity Book 2nd Edition, a pair of changes have been made in the Army Lists. Those changes are referred to the Cost of two troops:

Morat Vanguard Infantry

1st Highlanders S.A.S.

Those changes have been included in the recent versions of the O.R.A. and the Army, too. As the re-print of the Infinity Book 2nd Edition is now available, they have been included in the downloable Army Lists PDFs you can find in the Infinity Official Website.

Odalisques Profile Update

Odalisques profile update is now available in the Downloads section and DevilTeam’s Infinity Army. This is the official profile from now on, and will be the only valid profile for ITS tournaments.

Download here.

Dice for Infinity

Ever wondered where to buy some 20-sided dice? Now it’s easier than ever!
Now available in our online store.

Jotum’s Profile Update

Jotums’ profile update is now available in the Downloads section and DevilTeam’s Infinity Army. This is the official profile from now on, and will be the only valid profile for ITS tournaments.

German Infinity Quick Reference Sheet ready to download

Official Infinity terrain from Micro Art Studio

Official Infinity terrain from Micro Art Studio now available from our online store.

District 5 Apartment 1

Catwalk Set

Tech Crates #1

Infinity Army updated!

Infinity Army updated!

New language added! Italian now available!

Myrmidon Officer troop profile updated!

Update yours to the latest version or download it for free!

Official Infinity Accessories from Micro Art Studio!

Now available in our on-line shop the complete Micro Art Studio’s “Specially Designed for Infinity” range, where you can find official terrain, scenery, decorated bases and also templates! You cannot miss them!


Coming soon, the Battle Foam’s Infinity official bags!

Check out our site to take a look to the Infinity bags. With the Battle Foam bags your Infinity miniatures will always arrive safe and sound to the battlefield!

New Infinity Official Forum

The Infinity Forum has been transferred to a new format, with a totally new and different look and perfectly integrated in the new Official Website. We hope you like it and don’t forget the Official International Forum is the best way to keep connected to the Infinity International Community.

Holograms in the Download section

All along Infinity’s trajectory in the market, many players have requested the image files of the different holograms of Hackers and Engineers, and other graphic items supplied as acetate sheets, be downloadable for use in conversions or scenery projects.

Until now, Corvus Belli usually has sent image files by e-mail to any players who have asked for them. However, this was not enough, so Corvus Belli, listening to the Infinity Community’s requests, has gone one step further.

Finally, by popular demand, from April the complete range of the different holograms for all Infinity factions will be available completely free from the Infinity official website.

Once all holograms are available to the Infinity Community, the sense of exclusivity provided by the acetate sheets included in the blisters is lost. So, from April the acetate sheets supplied with figures like the Hackers and Engineers will no longer be provided.

This measure is applied to future releases from April inclusively and retroactively to previous releases once stocks run out.

Those acetate sheets with a structural value to the figure, like the wings of the Combined Army’s Iskallers, Drones and Caskuda, and those that have an in-game function that cannot be replaced by a Marker, such as the Combined Army Gwailos’ Nanoscreen or the Bashi Bazouk’s Holoechoes, will still be provided with the figure.

Thank you very much and don’t forget to visit the Infinity site’s Download section!