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Infinity: Getting Started

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Once a new Infinity player chooses the faction they want to play and collect, the questions faced are: What models do I have to buy now? Which army list do I have to construct to start playing? A Starter Pack is undoubtedly the best choice to start collecting, providing the core units for any army […]

Infinity Fireteams: Link Troops

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Infinity Fireteams: Link Troops – The relevance of the Sectorial Armies. The upcoming book is purely focused on the Sectorial armies, from both a background and rules point of view. The core of the ruleset, apart from the new Special Skills and weapons, is the Link Troops rule. This rule is exclusive to Sectorial Armies […]

Infinity Sectorial Armies

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“Infinity: Human Sphere” will be the second book for Infinity, an expansion which enhances and completes the universe, armies and rules of this science-fiction miniatures wargame with its distinctive futuristic manga aesthetics. Some of the new rules and troop profiles that “Infinity: Human Sphere” will show has been released for free in the monthly updates […]


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One hundred and seventy-five years into the future Humanity has managed to survive despite itself, but for how much longer? The human race has reached the stars. Travelling through worm-holes, enormous commercial ships, run by the international community, known as Circulars, jump from one star system to another. Circulars are controlled by O-12, an international […]


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Welcome to Maya, the vast network of data, communications and entertainment in the Human Sphere. Maya is the vital force of Humanity, the lifeblood of our civilization. With a single click you can move at the speed of thought through millions of channels that will offer you everything you could wish for, but also everything […]